Accelerate India’s Growth Story using Technology & Innovation.

Partner with entrepreneurs to develop and grow self-sustaining business models.

Help Businesses move from ‘competition’ to ‘creator’ mind-set.


Provide need & value-based measurable solution interventions to help Business grow exponentially using AIMS* approach (* Advise, Implement, Manage, Shine) with the following defining USP.

Bespoke risk-free industry- specific innovative solutions driven by technology.

Engagement success based on measurable outcomes.

Complete transparency with first of its kind (india) online dashboard.


Stalwart World truly believes in independence, responsibility, transparency, professionalism, accountability and code of ethics, which are the basic tenets of corporate governance.

We always seeks to achieve optimum performance at all levels in adopting and adhering to best corporate governance practices. Stalwart World has always focused on corporate governance as a means to maximize long-term stakeholders’ value through disciplined and sustained growth and value creation

Our Team

Divyashikha Gupta CEO and Managing Director – GROUP
Ashutosh Rana Actor, Thought Leader and Master Strategist – Learning Practice
Pramod Bagdi Director – Strategy – Recruitment Practice
Adityavikram Gupta Director – Operations – Recruitment Practice
S. Venkateswaran Managing Partner – Business Consulting